Saturday, February 11, 2012

This is my first comic. It's for sale the price is $8.99 + shipping and handling . Page count 36.
If you have any questions on how to get the book if you don't have paypal please
email me at the same address listed below. Thanks

Story plot:

Master Shinku is a man cursed with the ability to win everytime he fights. His record is one hundred thousands kills no losses.

This is unbelievable by many and unheard of by top fighters around the world. Each clan, group of strong Vidal fighters strive to find this man of myth, this master of the masterless technique. One may think if he is the master of a skill that can't be mastered then how could he have beaten so many men and never lost.

This has to be a lie no one man could be this flawless in one hundred thousand battles, so it begins, fighters from around the globe, all come to the Rausu mountains to find master Shinku and see if he really exist.

Fighters  come with skillful techniques that they have made up on their own, training all their life's  just for a chance to meet in battle with this legendary man and destroy him and his legacy.

This book will heighten your senses and  be a enjoyment for the eyes. Be sure to pick up a copy. Thanks to all who support.

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